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Parga is an excellent traditional village, which is built as an amphitheatre of rare beauty. It is one of the most popular holiday destination.

It is built on the fringes of the Enetic castle and it is clearly influenced by the architecture of the Ionian Islands. As one of the most picturesque and cosmopolitan points of northwester Greece, the beautiful Parga challenges you to acknowledge by close its long history, the varied funds of natural beauty and the hospitality of its residents. The island of Virgin Mary, the narrow stone-paved paths, the traditional alleyways, the blossom neighbourhoods and traditional taverns, give their own taste to the magnificent landscape of Parga.

Source: Parga Municipality.

Parga is a popular destination of Greece. The picturesque town and the beaches offer relaxed vacations.

Cosy streets, tall and narrow houses attached to each other, lovely beach bars.
The beaches of Parga are just magnificent, good for all tastes. Either for exciting water sports or romantic walks at sunset, they surely offer chances for real entertainment.

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